Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Places to go in Querétaro

 Filulas Juz en Reto Rock  

Queretaro has a lot of cool local bands and bars with ive music.

Last Thursday the 28th of May I went to Reto Rock a club situated on the street Universidad. The band I listened to was called Filulas Juz, a Jazz band with rock and fusion elements. The band was really great, playing material off of their first album “Astralopithecus”. You can find the album on itunes or have a listen on youtube. The concert lasted for about an hour and the club had arranged great stage lights. Another concert followed, but unfirtunately I wasn’t able to stay for the second one.

The club is a big and open place with low or high tables and chairs as well as sofa sections that are more comfortable. There are also two pool tables. Every Friday a band called Venus plays at around 11 pm Spanish songs by different groups. Every Saturday another group called Karma covers English songs from different rock bands. Spanish and English rock are the bar’s main theme. The entrance for the concerts on Thursday cost 50 pesos and Fridays and Saturdays the entrance cover varies from 20-30 pesos. In summary, Reto Rock is worth checking out for its atmosphere and rock music. You should also folow Filulas Juz on social media and check out their album if you are into Jazz. They are a real breath of fresh air between all the electronic, pop and indie that is currently ruling my music world. 

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