Monday, August 10, 2015

Eat Vegetarian/Vegan in Queretaro

  • Queretaro has lots and lots of Sushi places, cheap ones, expensive ones, and most of them are really good. The vegan range may not be that broad, but you can get cucumber and avocado rolls everywhere. Alternatively, you could order a miso soup. Here are some Sushi places: Nuriko, Sushito, Oriental Grill and Flor de Loto
  • A really cool place with a lot of vegetarian meals is ‘Maco’ in Guerrero street. You can ask them to leave out the cheese in all of their vegetarian dishes and voila, a really tasty vegan sandwich with grilled vegies and green salad. Ask them how they make their sauces, because they might contain egg or cream and just switch it out for vegan salsa or something alike.
  • Zandunga: This place offers regional food from the State of Oaxaca and it is absolutely delicious. I always get the vegetarian Tlayuda without cheese there and Chocolate Oaxaqueno with water. It is in Francisco I. Madero No. 99. 
  • Blume and Peace and Love: Soya lattes are not that easy to find here. There are a number of Starbucks' in the city center and around it, but 2 other Cafés that have good soya lattes are Blume (also almond and rice lattes) in Boulevard Jardines de la Hacienda 402 and Peace and Love right opposite it. A good alternative is Café de Olla (in Maria y Su Bici or La Biznaga) for the places that do not have soya milk; it is coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined whole cane sugar); hands down the best coffee I have ever tasted. 
  • Another cool place is ‘La Biznaga’ in Gutierrez Najera. It is really colorful, has a hippy theme going on and the food is amazing. They have a lot of vegetarian options, and you can easily modify your order into a vegan dish. If you are looking for good food in a unique place, La Biznaga is a must. 
  • Don Banano: Right now, this is my go to place, because the owner really modifies my food the way I want it and even asks whether he can use Maggie seasoning for people that are Gluten intolerant. They have soy tamales, baked potato with vegan/vegetarian toppings, soy hamburgers, salads and everything for a very fair price.

Tip: when you get Mexican food that typically has meat or cheese on it, explicitly tell them without cheese and meat, because they will put it on without having ordered it. 

Tip: If you are visiting places that are not vegetarian or vegan and simply ordering a veggie option, be aware that they might be using chicken flavored condiments or animal fat in their food as it is very common in Mexico. It doesn't hurt to ask. 


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