Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Did you ever leave your country to study abroad? Or just to learn another language?

Let me tell you, it is incredible. It is not only about studying; it is also discovering a new culture, meeting local people, but also making friends from everywhere because people are travelling more than we think. 

Learning Spanish in Queretaro has been a great experience. Do you know that there are 495 million of people that speak Spanish in the entire world, and 18 million are Spanish students? That just show us how Spanish is getting important. I am not saying that it is easier. Like every language, you have to commit yourself to master it to the very end. However, it is a plus to live in the country while learning. Of course you will mix the words and people will not get anything of what you are saying at the beginning, (we have all been there once :) ), but that how you learn, by making mistakes.

When I first came to Queretaro to learn Spanish I wasn’t able to say a full sentence. And let me tell you that you need a lot of patience to get to the end of a conversation. But within three months, I have been able to speak and even take business class in Spanish. Isn’t that wonderful? Actually, the fact that I was living in the country helped me a lot, plus, living with a Mexican family helped me remember usual words.

Also, discovering this new culture becomes a fascination because you can see all the differences from yours. For example, walking in the Centro and being able to buy fresh fruits, traveling to Tequisquiapan or Bernal and meet strangers, local people or foreigners, with whom you can talk for hours, go to Huasteca and stay in a hotel made out of wood. That’s what amazing about learning another language abroad, especially in QuerĂ©taro. And those who like extreme sports, you will not be deceived. Rafting was one of my preferred but so tiring. I am telling you if you need a diet just go for rafting and you will be able to eat whatever you want. For the rappelling, well, I am afraid of heights so you can imagine the disaster. But it is all about the experience and trying out new things.

Check it out guys, there is nothing better. You learn to appreciate a new culture in order to have an open minded on all the different things in the world.

Ahorra,  hablo espanol, no el mayor, pero es suficiente. Nos vemos la semana proxima.

Hasta luego!!!!!


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