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I was sure that you would not believe me; well I am coming with some proof so you cannot say that I am a liar. Take a look, Querétaro is a wonderful place to study but also to increase your cultural baggage.

Let start with the ­‘‘Centro’’ which is where everything is going on in the city. It is a place full of restaurants, bars, merchants on the street where you can fully appreciate the cultural immersion. Those who are not friendly with strangers, you need to work it out before coming. Anyway you will love it so much that you may decide to stay. Let remember that Querétaro of Santiago, which is the official name of the city, has been declared Historic Downtown since 1966 by the UNESCO.

Restaurant 1810
The food is so good, and you can enjoy the weather outside while eating.

You can also admire El Palacio del Gobierno which was called La Casa de la Corregidora. It served as a hiding place during the independence. La corrigidora is a reference to Dona Josefa de Ortiz who played an important role in the town history. She also lived in the Palacio during the hard times of the independence.

Plaza de Gobierno (or Casa de la Corregidora)

Take a walk in the different gardens at the Centro

                                                             Jardín Zenea

If you are tired grab a seat at one of the Plaza to enjoy your excursion.

 Plaza de Armas

Or keep walking through those beautiful streets.

 Admire the status while enjoying your walk

Escultura de Danzante

Do not forget to visit the different churches, from baroque to neoclassical. Each one tells a story of a distinguished colonial past and an intensely religious way of life. In fact, Querétaro was the third most important city in the Viceroyalty of New Spain as it marked the limit of what they called the civilized world: for the settlers, further north there was only barbarism, and therefore deemed it necessary to establish local churches and convents which strengthen the spirit of secular and religious. Franciscan, Discalced Carmelites, Jesuits and Dominicans were swift and Querétaro reached to begin the spiritual conquest of the region.

Santa Clara Church (Baroque Style)

Buy a souvenir to remember your wonderful journey in Queretaro. Those are typical Mexican dolls made with rags. Among Mexican crafts, there are the most bought by tourists. They are made by hand, with colorful clothing like the one used by the women of Mazahua ethnic group located in Michoacan. Those dolls are called Marias.


One last thing, Los Arcos, the proud of Queretaro, Build by a marquis for a nun he fell in love with. Do not ask any question, that what the legend says. The purpose of the aqueduct was to bring water in the city.  It has a spectacular view at night.

 The aqueduct is 1,280m in length, and reaches a maximum height of 28.42m.  It consists of 75 rounded arches; similar to Roman constructions of its kind.   

Also, there are activities every week-end so you will never get bored. I am talking about the ‘‘leyendas’’ that is a tour of the historic places of the downtown telling the legend with people dress like this time and acting while telling the story. There, you can listen for example the story of ‘‘La Llorona’’, which mean ‘‘the crier’’. I am sure that you are waiting for me to tell the story but I won’t, you will have to come here to know more.

In am also talking about the salsa dance every Thursday, and the craft work market once a month, plus the jewels market...

There are so many that I cannot talk about everything. Querétaro is waiting for you!!!!!

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