Friday, June 13, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

1. Language Practice

You will no longer learn just from textbooks and instructors. Come to a foreign country and practice the language in class, and then apply the language in everyday situations. Then, challenge yourself and live with a host family. Chances are they will only speak the native language, forcing you to practice every time you are in contact.

2. Experience culture shock

When you arrive in a foreign country you are likely to experience culture shock. Culture shock is when you experience an altered way of life compared to your own. You will notice that things are much different compared to your home country. Now when you return home you will notice it is easier to adapt to culture shock in a dimmer light such as getting a new job or moving into a new house.

3.       Boost your resume

You will have some experience under your belt. Many Americans have not even left the country, and some die without ever owning a passport. Traveling to a new country shows that you are ready for the new work environment. Many job recruiters look for people with the ability to learn. Studying abroad shows that you had to learn fast and adapt to a new culture.

4.       Travel the world

When you are in a foreign country you get to travel to popular tourist destinations that may cost you a fortune to travel to again. You already paid for the plane ticket there so you might as well travel to nearby cities and countries during the weekends. Another option is arriving 2 weeks early or staying 2 weeks extra to experience more.

5.       Independence

You experience a lot more independence. Mom, dad, or your friends might not be there to help you when you get lost in the city, airport, or train station. You learn more about yourself than you ever would at home. You must tackle all these feats by yourself, and the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

6.       Network

You now have a network that expands outside of your home country. There are possibilities of internships and volunteering on your study abroad which grow your connections as well. These could lead to possible jobs, or just great friendships that could last a lifetime.

7.       Borders are shrinking

Technology is booming. Trading across borders is dramatically increasing.  More companies are doing business with foreign countries. Language is not the only important part in navigating through culture; it is also the other aspects of culture such as customs and traditions. Understanding different culture increases your worth in this booming global economy. It is obvious that international experience is crucial in the workplace, regardless of the career path you choose.

8.       Experience a new activity
There are plenty of new activities in other countries such as cricket in Australia or competitive table tennis in Asia. And if you happen to come to Mexico, go on a crocodile boat trip! With these new activities you will have more fun, experience more of the culture, and meet locals.

9.       Education

Let’s not forget about the education system here.  If you study abroad with a university you get to learn from that country about your major. When I studied in France I learned how the French did business compared to how Americans do business. It gives you a new way to look at your studies, and it will expand your mind.

10.   Save money or invest in your future

If you search hard enough a study abroad program could be just as much or cheaper than your University for a semester. Also, the exchange rate might be in your favor. For example, in Mexico the American dollar is worth more! However, if you do not save money, who cares? Odds are you will not be spending much more money anyways, and it might even land you a job because of it. When you graduate college, have your first job, or have a family, you will probably regret not studying abroad. What are you waiting for?

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