Friday, March 13, 2015

Trip to the pyramid in El Pueblito

Trip to the pyramid in El Pueblito

Anyone residing in Queretaro should take advantage of the Toltec pyramid "El Cerrito". It’s the perfect, laid-back weekend activity, as the pyramid is located only twenty minutes from the city center.  You can take several buses from the Alameda, some of which will drop you right in front of the pyramid. Entering the archaeological zone, there is a reception; entry is free, and if you are early enough, you can get a free tour around the pyramid (they are free from Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 2:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4:30 pm). The content of the tour is very informative and they also take interest in visitors’ opinions after the tour. To my disadvantage, it was in Spanish, so a lot of information on the pre-Hispanic settlement, culture, customs and recent excavations were lost to me, but I was happy to observe the beauty, colors and shapes of the structure. There are some interesting charts at the entrance with a timeline of the different indigenous settlements around that area, which is helpful.

You will notice the ruins of a house on top of the pyramid called "the Fort". It was built in 1876 by an influential family, and cannot be removed due to a law which states that all houses in Queretaro older than 100 years must be conserved. Due to vegetation, the pyramid now resembles a random hill covered with earth and stones from the back side, hence its name "El Cerrito".

After "El Cerrito", you can walk into Pueblito’s city center and buy ice cream in front of the sanctuary de Santa Maria or grab something to eat; there are plenty of restaurants and markets offering delicious Mexican dishes. 

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