Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Events in Queretaro - 57 Muestra Internacional de Cine in Querétaro

Not only is Queretaro a beautiful city, but it also is a culturally vibrant city. The city is often hosting interesting events and currently, a collaboration of different institutes is screening 10 free movies selected by the 57 Muestra International de Cine in the Cineteatro Rosalio Solano. Some movies rank among the winners of the Cannes International Film Festival, The Berlin International Film Festival, The Oscars as well as other awards. The best part is that the entrance is free and there are 4 screenings a day (13.00, 16.00, 18.30 y 21.00 hrs.). You have 8 days left until the 31st of March to go and see at least one great movie until the end of the week. I went to see "La Conducta" yesterday; the dramatic movie set in Cuba shows an aging teacher, Carmela, who has a special heart for pupils from broken families, but is challenged by the headmaster for this. The poor 12 year old Chala and Yeni, in which Chala is infatuated, have both severe troubles on home ground. When Carmela has a heart-attack, she leaves a more rule-bound rookie as a replacement teacher and things deteriorate for Chala and Yeni. Carmela is the only thing that stands between Chala and those seeking to send him to re-education school. The picture adds to the very emotional story line and the performance of the young actors is outstanding. Hurry and do not miss out on a free night at the movies in Centro Querétaro.

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