Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Have The Perfect Study Room in Five Step


As students, we all wish to have the optimum environment to study. The perfect room where you will be able to concentrate for more than two minutes, so we finally give you the tips our students told us they use the most.

1. LESS IS MORE Keep it simple, you want your study room to be personal, yet you should retain from wallpapered it with posters or other excessive art pieces. The walls of your room should be alike the one of your school library.

2. LIGHT IT UP You should be able to read without hurting your eyes. If possible study with a source of natural light;it keeps your body awake and prevent you to feel sleepy.

3. COMFORT FIRST Student will study, or have school related activities for an average of 6 hours a day. Therefore, the space where you will sit should be comfortable. A nice office chair is never a lost investment!
4. ZERO DISTRACTION Even the smallest thing can jeopardize your focus. A cute little pink lamp on the side of your desk? No no. Opt for simple and minimalist object that will not grasp your attention every five minutes. Same goes for your electronic devices; they should not be allowed in your study room!

5. METHOD AND ORDER Keep the room well organized. Messy environments impact your ability to concentrate. Nothing that is not directly related to school should not be in the room.

Hope you will apply these tips in your study room. Here at Babilon our classrooms are simple, well lighted, and extra clean! Come and visit us at!

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