Thursday, November 28, 2013

Top 5 Room Cleaning Tips


We all recall how our parents use to repeat us all the time to clean our bedroom when we were kids. Well even now that we grew up we still need some advises in order to keep our bedroom in a reasonable order.

1. NATURAL LIGHT By allowing more natural light to illuminate your room it will encourage you free the space from any unnecessary stuffs.

2. LIST Make a list of everything you must do in order to fully clean your room. The idea is not to overwhelm you with an over-detailed list, but to encourage you every time you scratch something off the list. Therefore, you should have enough items on your list so you scratch a little something every two or three minutes, but not too many so your list seems infinite. Furthermore, if you stick to one list that you review every day, you will eventually get use to it and incorporate the chores in your daily habit.

3. RIGHTFUL PLACE Put every items in your room to their rightful place. Cloths in the closet, towels in the bathroom, plates and food in the kitchen, rubbishes in the garbage, and so on. It is always a good idea to keep to a minimum the among of "struff" you have in your room. The less you keep in your bedroom, the less there is to clean.

4. ORGANIZE If your cloths are laying on the floor because there is no space for them in your closet it means it is time for a major clean up within your closet. If all your storage spaces are well organize you will be able to keep your room cleaner for a longer time.

5. REWARD If you fell that you accomplished a good cleaning then reward yourself. Every time you clean well your room you should allow yourself a small reward. It can be as simple as a hot bubble bath. But remember that you should keep the reward proportional the amount of work you putted in the cleaning.

At Babilon we always provide a clean environment to our students. We expect the same respect from them in regard to their accommodations. In a host family or in an hostel, we proud ourselves on the behaviour our students have outside the school walls.

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