Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ten Tips to Balance Friends and School

1. PLAN When planning ahead of time you can see busy periods coming and plan consequently your social activities. It is not necessary to avoid all social activities. Be smart. Try to go toward activities that requires less of your time, choose to go out to locations that are close from where you live or to "dry" activities so you will not be hungover the next morning, as well as activities that wont be too tiring. Also, be firm on the time you will allow to each activities; if you decide to stay 1 hour at your friends house, then only stay this time and no more.
2. MOVE Make sure to stay active: go to the gym, walk back home, do some yoga in between two study period. When you stay active it prevents you of getting use to relax. Even though it is important to keep relaxation time in your schedule, you should not have an habit of doing nothing.
3. CLUB ASSOCIATION SOCIETY Join a club, it will provide you the opportunity to meet new people while being in school. Most time it will also give you the chance to be part of activities that don´t involve alcohol or abusive behaviors. Furthermore, participation and involvement in school sponsored activities always look good on a resume.
4. HOST A good way to control your social life is to host events or gathering at your house. You can determine the time of beginning and ending of the event and you don´t loose time in transportation. Also you can monitor better who attend the events; keeping trouble makers away.
6. NO Saying no is not being anti-social. Sometimes you need to be realistic and refuse to go out. Good friends will understand that you cant always hang out with them. On the other hand you should also understand that everybody has a different schedule, hence, not everybody can hang out with you when you are free.
7. LIBRARY Study at the library where there are less distractions. Don´t tell people you are there if you wish to focus at 100%. If you invite other students to join you, make sure these friends are truly willing to study. Studying at the library is like working under surveillance. If you are temped to go on social medias people around you will notice it.   Don´t be the kid who just loose time on internet; finish your work so you can go see your friends!
8. LOCATION Choose you accommodation wisely. If possible gather information on the different dorms your university offers in order to know which one is more or less study-friendly. If you are planning on renting an apartment, make sure to chose a good roommate. The best roommate is not always your best friend. Also make sure to keep your study environment clean, no matter where you will stay!
9. REACH OUT Don´t be shy do reach out for help. Get outside help by telling a friend or family member what is your study plans for the next week and ask them to check on you. You will feel more supported, which is essential during the rough times.

10. GOALS Set goals, if you have a hard time studying and only wants to party, set yourself goals.Make a competition with yourself. If you exactly know what you expect and what you need to archive, you will surely be more motivated. You can also take example on role model and people you know that are doing well. Seeing other people success is a motivation.

In conclusion is all rounds up around time management and personal priorities. Only you can impose yourself the necessary discipline needed to reach your goals.
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