Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mexico is known for its violence, about the drug traffic and people always think that it is not safe to go there. Sure we never hear about good things that happen in the world always about the worse. However, let me tell you that it is not true. Give me the name of one country where it is totally safe, where there is not any violence. If you find one and you can have arguments to defend it, you are a good liar and there is no need to question hat.

Well, let come back to the safety in Mexico. Let only say that Mexico is safer that many vacation destination. Take a look at the next picture and you can see that I am not just talking. Many of the beloved vacation destinations are less safe than Mexico according to the homicide rate in those countries. 

 In addition, Mexico is safer than some popular cities in the United State. I am talking about Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans Washington D.C and others. People enjoy going to these cities, trying to taste the American dream but the fact is that each of those cities are less safe than Mexico.

By having an overview of the global crime we can see that Mexico is not so badly ranked. I am giving you only facts because I know that many of you only believe in numbers. Well, you got them. 

What was I talking about again?  Yeah, as you can see in the following graph, assault in Mexico is 4 times lower than in the U.S. But I guess that not even one countriy release a warning preventing to go to the U.S. 

Then kidnapping, Canada have the highest rate. Really? Who could have thought that? Everybody think that this county is really safe, but even with the numbers showing the contrary, nobody issues a warming against going in Canada. Why so? But, Mexico with its lowest rate than those two big countries is being point out from all side. I am just trying to open your eyes, do not be fooled by all the warnings and take a look at the facts by yourself. You can see where it is really safe to go. 

Now, have a look at the safety in some cities in Mexico. Good isn’t it? not bad with drugs dealers running everywhere like the media says.
Queretaro is placed second, not bad, not bad at all.

Pack your staff and direction Mexico, Queretaro. You will enjoy your time, I guaranty you. And while you are there, take the chance to learn Spanish with Babylon Language Coaching, and fully experience your trip.

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