Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today, we will have a Spanish class online, so let’s start.

·         Hello: Hola
·         Good morning: Buenos días
·         Good afternoon : Buenas tardes
·         Good night : Buenas noches

How to introduce yourself
·         My name is Juanita
·         Me llamo Juanita or Mi nombre es Juanita
Just remember to use your real name, I do not want everybody to be called Juanita. It will be just confusing.

Conjugaison of the verb “llamar” in simple present. “Llamar” means “Call”. But here you translate it by name
Yo me llamo
Tu te llamas
El/ella/usted se llama
Nosotros nos llamamos
Vosotros vos llamaís
Ellos/ellas/ustedes se llaman

Here, the question for what is your name? is: ¿Como te llamas? Or ¿Cuál es tu nombre?
And you just answer: Me llamo Juanita or mi nombre es Juanita like I taught you. Easy, isn't it?

I wouldn’t want you to get lost and do not know how to ask for your way back.
Where is …?
¿Donde esta…?
Just add the name of where you want to go, so make sure you always have your address on you. I am sure that you do not want to get lost and do not know where you are going. Trust me it will be difficult to ask for your way.

To say your nationality
I am Mexican
Soy Mexicana
or if someone ask you
Where are you from?                          ¿De donde vienes?
I am from mexico                                Vengo de México or soy Mexicana

Here ou can see that it is Mexicana and not Mexicano it because obviously Juanita is a girl. If you are a boy, you just need to change the “a” for an “o”.
For example, Juan would say Soy Mexicano

To say what language you speak
What language do you speak?                          ¿Que lengua hablas?
I speak English                                                Hablo Inglės

For identification
What is this?                            ¿Qué es? Or ¿Qué es esto?
It is a table                               Es una mesa

It is all for now, if you want to learn more Spanish, register to http://learnspanishblc.com/

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