Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In today world, English took an important place, being the language most spoken in the world. However, some other languages are making their move showing that English does not own the world. I know that English are the language most used for business, but, how much respect can you get if you can exchange in the language of the opposite side?

So Why choose Spanish?

Today, Spanish is one of the most languages widely spoken in the world. Spanish is one of the European Union's official languages (spoken in Spain), it is one of the United Nation's six official languages, and it is predominant throughout Latin America (except Brazil), although Mercosur, of which Brazil is a part, uses Spanish as its official language. Moreover, over 51 million people in the United States today speak Spanish, this include 45 million Hispanics and some 6 million students of the Spanish language. In addition, more people in the U.S. speak Spanish than those speaking Chinese, French and Italian combined. That’s lead to conclude that nearly one in every seven people living in the U.S. speak Spanish.

Worldwide, Spanish is spoken by over 495 million people in more than 20 countries and it is the second native language most spoken after Mandarin Chinese.

Learning a second language or a third language is an investment on yourself. It is the best way to grow your capabilities, your skills, and your strengths. Many people for whom English is not the native language are doing crazy investment to master this language. What if English is your native language? Would you stay behind because everybody is learning English? Let remember that English is not the only language spoken internationally. Also, when you learn another person native language, it is a sign of humility that allow you to bring yourself close to the people and exchange with them and that will be sincerely appreciate when you are speaking with people from different country or travelling.

In addition, speaking Spanish will bring your closer to the people, more than any third party translation can do. It will help you to improve and expand your experience and your knowledge. Plus, it will allow you to have a better travel experience a you can communicate with local people and fully enjoy your trip. Moreover, speaking Spanish will give you a better employment prospect. Your employment opportunity will widen and you will become a more valuable employee (especially if you are employed in the USA, Central or South American or the Caribbean).

Spanish is a phonetic language, what you see written is what you say. This makes Spanish an easy language to get acquainted with.

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