Thursday, September 5, 2013


Life in Mexico
            Forget about all the stereotypes you have heard on Mexico. The 14th most populous country in the world is more than moustached men with big sombreros and colorful ponchos, fiercely riding their horses through the hot desert full of three branched cactus. Each of the thirty-one states brings a unique taste to the republic with regional traditions and particular practices. As every other country, Mexico faces several challenges including growing insecurity, constant corruption, and deep poverty. Yet, you will probably never find a place on earth where people are as welcoming and happy.
            As mentioned before, Mexico faces several challenges in the social realm. Indeed, in 2010 Mexico´s homicide rate was three times higher than the world average. Furthermore, deep poverty issues currently affect the country. Effectively, in 2010 around 46% of the population lived in extreme or moderate poverty.
            That being said, Mexico also is an accurate representative of the North American territory with a dynamic economic sphere and a growing middle class. According to an OECD survey Mexico ranked 10th out of 36 countries in term of “life satisfaction” (Organization for the Economic Co-operation and Development, Better Life Index). Furthermore, 85% of the Mexican population asserts that it goes through more positive experiences than negative ones during their daily activities. Hence, even with poor scores in fields as security and income, Mexicans are overall happy.
            Also, Mexico remains one of the most visited countries in America. With a wide diversity of touristic attractions, there is something in it for everyone. From wild hiking in Sonora, to city biking in Mexico City, passing by spa retreat in Ixtapa, a tremendous number of visitors have find their happiness here. Querétaro stands in the inland of the country with several areas enjoying the UNESCO title of World Heritage. The historic downtown will seduce you with its many architectural testimonies from the colonial era, while its millions family restaurants will charm you with their delicious traditional cuisine.

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  1. Great article! I would love to visit Mexico and the warm friendly people there one day!

  2. You really shout do so!
    Stay tuned to our blog for more article on the welcoming culture of Mexico!