Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Places You Must Visit in Querétaro

You Must
Visit in Querétaro

Who have already heard of this gorgeous colonial town located three hours north of Mexico city? Lots of people! Querétaro is a touristic center providing you the chance to experience a wide range of activities. 

Here are the top ten things you MUST SEE in Querétaro!

  1. Pena de Bernal   Located 45 minutes by car from Querétaro this enchanting picturesque village will charm you with its many artisan’s shops and local cuisine restaurants. Bernal is the third biggest monolith in the world, allowing you to experience the challenging trail to the top. Water bottles, adventurous spirit, and mild craziness are mandatory!

  1. Museo del Artes   The museum building is as good as the pieces of art it fosters. Initially build and used by the St. Augustine order, it is still unknown who is the architect of the former monastery. Offering many guided and non-guided visit a day, the expert eyes as well as the tourist eyes will deeply enjoy the unique and gorgeous architecture of the this precious pearl.
  2. Theatro de la Republica   The Mexican constitution was signed there in 1917 which gives the building pompous ora. The sober yet elegant decoration will travel you back to the early twentieth century while you listen to a dreamy classical music performance.
  3. Museo regional   Located in the historical center of Querétaro, it exhibits the finds of local digging. In an enchanting building dating from the colonial era, the largest collection of indigenous art in the state is exhibited. A must see!
  4. Recogidos de las leyendas y mitos de Querétaro   A must do! Fallowing a guide around the historical center at night while being explained all the legends and myths existing around Querétaro are a pure pleasure! Tourists of all age will greatly appreciate this exciting tour.
  5. Cerro de las Campanas Beautiful park where you can enjoy nice walk under the trees. Named after the particular rocks that produce a bell-like sound when hit against each other, the park offers you a break from the dynamic city streets.
  6. Musea Casa de la Zacateca   Formerly a ´private house, but now open to the public, you will be able to enjoy a mid-eighteen century decor. Meanwhile, listen to the legend saying the spirit of two dead men killed the owner of the house to revenge them. Human remains can still be seen from the second floor.
  7. Stand Food   Everybody should try the delicious elotes cooked around the several parks of the city. Make sure to ask for mayo and cheese on yours, it is a must eat!
  8. Walking   Take a day to walk around the historical center where all touristic attractions are. You will find your way easily when you´ll return to visit the aforementioned attractions! Also, the architecture will make you fall in love with the whole town!
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