Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

Top Four Reasons 
Why You Should Learn Spanish

In 2010 over 410 million individuals spoke Spanish as their mother tongue. How many more speak it as a second or third language? Many! Here is a brief summary of the advantages of speaking Spanish.

  1. GROWING COMMERCIAL MARKET Latin America is a growing economical market; more and more multinational will either invest in these countries or emerge from them. Hence, knowledge of the Hispanic language will make you more attractive to potential employer as well as adding a considerable asset to your resume.
  2. ACADEMIC ASSET Spanish as a second or third language is an asset when presenting candidature to graduate school. It shows commitment and perseverance given that learning a language is quite challenging.
  3. TRAVEL TOOL While travelling in the twenty countries where Spanish is the official language you will be able to make stronger contact with the locals as well as avoiding being categorized as an easily target for scammers.
  4. ACCESS TO CULTURAL CONTENT With 410 million of speakers, the Hispano speaking community produces one of the best cultural content in term of movies, visual art, and literature. Knowledge of Spanish will provide you the opportunity to access the huge cultural flow produced in the language of Don Quijote.
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