Thursday, September 26, 2013

Social Media as Classrooms

Social Medias as Classrooms

Are social medias as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest becoming cyber-teachers?

    Now a day more and more "informal" learning tools are available to youth in search of knowledge. Via internet, knowledge is accessible by everyone owning a bit of curiosity. Web search engines such as Google and Bing, allow access to billions of pages where one can easily learn a trick or two! Therefore the accessibility of internet enhance knowledge spreading.

    Furthermore, communication medias open two ways conversations where both users are learning from the other. Moreover, this two way conversation create a dynamic learning tool. Active participation of bloggers, twitters, and other social medias users rapidly improve their language skills by immersing them in a sphere where a language is spoken. For example, Facebook is offered in various languages which give the opportunity to one easily set his in a foreign language in order to get familiar with it.

    Nonetheless, and as many professors recommend it, nothing is better than a full immersion in order to really learn a language. The idea behind it is that with no possibility to speak one´s native language, the assimilation of a foreign language become mandatory. Can we say that social medias propose a virtual immersion? Indeed, in certain occasions, for instance with online team games or blog , users from different culture/language have to know another language than their own, most probably English, in order to communicate with other users.Through their communication each user learn, even unconsciously!

    To conclude, and as wrote Bandon Twyford: You must dive in and start to swim!

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