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Research showed that organized people have a tendency to be more successful in school. Being organized helps you to prepare for any work load teachers can drop on you. Here are the top nine tips to be better organized.

1. BINDER It is very easy to find affordable binders that will hold everything you need together. It is a good plan to divide it into different section for each of your class, and then into different subsection (example: syllabus, calendar, readings, grades/graded assignments, other).  This binder should never leave your home desk. By always keeping the Binder in the exact same spot, you make sure to never lose it. Also, when leaving the house make sure to have your agenda in hand, which is the portable version of your binder.

2. AGENDA Instead of writing down things on flying sheets or notebook OWN and USE an agenda. People have budgets for their money and should also have budget for their time. In the case of busy student it is very frequent to lose time in useless activities or too many social activities. As a student myself, I highly recommend to plan a time budget. Don´t planned it during the summer; wait until the end of your first week of class. This way you will be more aware of the time you truly need to give to each class. Usually a schedule going by 30 minutes time slot is efficient. When organizing your agenda make sure to take EVERYTHING in account including transportation time and sleep time. The example below is very utilitarian. Your agenda can be brighter, it should reflects who you are.

3. ARCHIVE Keep track of what you do. When writing down what you have done in a day, including for how long and where, you can better measure how much time you really need, and hence make an accurate time budget.

4. CALENDAR In one calendar where you can see all the school weeks in one look, write down your due date for assignments and others, this way you can always see in advance what is coming up and plan accordingly to it. You´ll never be surprise by big exam or research paper.

5. GEAR In order to avoid any gear lack that could jeopardize your ability to finish an assignment, always keep a stock of pencil, post-it, lined and white sheets, printer ink, and so on. Plus it is always nice to work with staples in good conditions, it is an extra motivation!

6. CENTRALIZE Instead of having several mini spots for different things, centralize all the school stuff in one place, all the sport stuff in another and so on. This way, when you will be looking for something, although you do not remember where you left it, you can find it with logic.

7. CLEAN When cleaning you realize how many useless things you keep. By throwing away what is unnecessary it allows you to only keep track of what is relevant. Also, when living in a clean environment you are most likely to be calm and relax which helps you concentrate and prepare for school work. Your room should be the cleanest place of the house.

8. PRIORITIES what do you need the most? Some items that you use very often should be easily accessible whereas items you don´t need very often can be a bit less easy to access. Also by putting things in the spot where you usually use them you will save time.

9. MEDITATION Meditation can help you gain perspective and strength. Take few minutes of your day to sit and think. Interrogate yourself on how you sill archive your goals and what you want to be done in a certain time period. Then, make sure to write these down in your agenda or calendar and stick to it!

The hardest thing while being in university is to have enough autodicipline to stick to a plan. Tons of distractions will come along the way, making you drift away from good resolutions. Try to share your plan with family members or close friends, this way they will notice if you don’t fallow it. They can support and encourage you through the rough times. Universities also usually offer psychological supports, as well as study help. Don´t be shy to reach out to these resources.

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