Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top Six Mexican Dishes You Must Try

Top 6 Mexican Dishes You Must Try

Forget about Taco Bell or Tex-Mex cuisine, Mexico is way more than these pale imitations! The North American country offers a delicious range of plates resulting from the merging of pre-Hispanic traditions and Spanish costumes.

1.     Mole
The mole comes in different varieties according to its color. It is famous around the world because of its fastidious recipe requiring more than 20 ingredients, including chilli and chocolate. Usually cooked as a dressing sauce for chicken meal, it can also go with any other plate. Traditionally it was prepared during holiday period, yet now a day it is more and more common to find it on families’ table around the year.

2.     Tamales
The tamales are a corn masa mixture wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves that can be meaty, spicy, or sweet. Usually sold in small businesses or street stands, it is almost always offered along with “atole” a thick hot flavoured drink. The atole can be found in various flavors, but the most common ones are chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. Usually popular during the winter season, it can be found throughout the whole year.

3.     Torta cubana
It basically contains anything that composes a torta. Chorizo, ham, omelet, sausages, mustard, cream, mayo, ketchup, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and even more! When you are really hungry it is the best meal! But don´t forget; put some lemon in it!  

4.     Pozole
The pozole is one of Mexico´s oldest dish. It requires lots of time to prepare but is more than tasteful! Chicken, pork, and veggies cook and simmer for hours, usually a whole night/day so the hominy has the time to soften up and the meat to flavor the broth. Usually red and spicy, it is the typical meal on Independence Day (September 15). When a bowl is served, it is never full; more than half of it is filled with fresh toping such as lettuce, radish, and onion, plus some lime, oregano, and chilli.

5.     Tacos al pastor
Probably the most popular and delicious taco you can get! The taste of the meat comes from the marinade in which it is prepared. Usually made out of pork meat, but not exclusively, the meat pieces are layered onto a large spit where it is cooked and kept warm. Thin slides are then shaved off and put in a small corn tortilla. Generally served with small shaved of pineapple, cilantro, and onion, the final design is yours. Don´t forget to add lime and salt!

6.     Esquites and elotes

Very commonly sold in street stands, it is the perfect snack for your little cravings while walking around quaint plaza. Elotes are a Mexican version of a corn on-the-cob. Covered with a generous portion of mayo, cheese, salt, lime, and chilli, you will enjoy it till the last bite. The esquites are mainly the same, just off the cob. The corn kernels are mixed again with mayo, cheese, salt, and lime, plus chilli if you like it. Mexican corn is chewier than and not as sweet as the American or Canadian one. You will get addicted really fast

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