Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Learn Spanish in 4 Easy Steps

How to Learn Spanish

in 4 Easy Steps

There never was easier ways to learn Spanish than the fallowing one!



        Over-use post-it. Make them become your best friend. Write a word on it and stick it on the item it represents. For instance write “puerta” on one that you will stick to your door. That way, every time you will open your door or pass in front of it, you will notice the word and associate it with the item. It can work with food, house items, school gear and more! You can print a giant picture of a human body and stick post-it on the different parts of the body! Do the same with a dog/cat/fish and other animals! Choose post-it of different colours, it will brighten up your interior!


Just like babies learn to talk through imitation, you will learn a language mainly by imitating the sounds your teacher does! Therefore, it is an awesome idea to watch movies, TV shows and more in Spanish (or any other language you are trying to assimilate). Not only will you discover a new world of entertainment, but also an easy way to get familiar with Spanish sonority.


Surf the net! Spanish speaking people represent 410 million people. For sure there are few blogs you can find that are written in Spanish and that are talking about something you like. Reading in Spanish will make you more comfortable with the language. Also, when chatting online you have all the time and resources to find your words! Don’t be shy! Engage conversation with other users, it will enhance your vocabulary knowledge.


                Jump on every opportunity you have to practice the language. The new student in your class speaks Spanish? Why not grabbing lunch with him? Your Spanish teacher asks the class how everybody weekend went? Describe every details of yours! Maybe it will be challenging at the beginning to translate your thoughts into Spanish, but if you never try you will never learn. By making mistakes and being corrected on them, you will learn a lot more than by studying your books!

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  1. Conversation is a great one. I found that the more I talked with people who spoke that language, the faster it was to learn. Oh and another thing it helped to learn German (when I first moved to the country) was to start working my way through crossword puzzles. You'd be surprised just how much those help with local words.

  2. Great ideas here. I wish I had done this when I was first learning spanish!

    1. You could still improve you knowledge of Spanish with these tips! Knowledge is infinite!