Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Manage an Agenda


          Instead of writing down things on flying sheets or notebook OWN and USE an agenda.People have budget for their money and should also have budget for their time. In the case of busy student it is very frequent to lose time in useless activities or too many social activities. As a student myself, I highly recommend to plan a time budget. Don´t planned it during the summer; wait until the end of your first week of class. This way you will have a more accurate idea of the time you truly need to give to each class.Usually a schedule going by 30 minutes time slot is efficient. When organizing your agenda make sure to take EVERYTHING in account including transportation time and sleeping time.

     OFFICIAL COMMITMENTS Classes, assignments´ deadlines, readings, papers, tutorial, work, appointments, and extra engagements (sorority philanthropy, language class, volunteer work, etc.) write EVERYTHING down on the right date, at the right time. 

MORNING AND NIGHT TIME Write down the time you will wake up taking in consideration your commitments and how much time you need to get ready. A good idea is to always wake up at the same time in order to create a healthy routine. Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day.

STUDY In average one hour of class lecture will need one hour of home study. It is very important to dedicate time for exclusive study time.  Don´t rely on your “free time” to study. You need to provide specific time slot to sit down and do whatever school work you need to get done (reading, assignment, research, etc.).

ASSIGNMENTS As you can see due dates coming make sure to prepare special time slots for these. A good idea is also to break readings and study time in several small sessions throughout weeks. This allows more flexibility in your schedule.

TRANSPORTATION Make sure to also include laps between activities to take in account the time you will spend in transportation. It is a good plan to take readings with you when having long transportation time.

SOCIAL When all your official commitments are included in your weekly planner, look at the free spots you still have. Include your social activities. Make sure to take in consideration that if you go out on a Friday night, your Saturday morning will probably not be the most productive one. Therefore you need to take each and every activities you have in a week and see if they don´t contradict.   

WEEKENDS Obviously the weekend can have a separate schedule with different priorities and time frame. For instance instead of waking up every morning at 7h, make it at 9h, and instead of going to bed at 10h, make it at 12h. Just make sure to be fresh on Monday morning.
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